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Must you go? I refuse to give up on us.

NO, you can’t leave me. What will I do? I…I just can’t… no I refuse to give up on you. I refuse to give up on me. I refuse to give up on US! No one can ever replace you, and I don’t want anyone to replace you. We have been through so much, and now you have to leave me.  ::kicks stuff Scooby:: NO, I will not let this happen, and I will not let you go. ::runs to sob into pillow::

Pretty dramatic, huh. Well, this is how I have felt lately over a pair of nude colored shoes that I own. YES, shoes. A cute pair of

The shoes, I have, are a cute dupe of these shoes.

nude platform shoes.  When I say “nude,” I do not mean the color beige. I actually mean nude as in my skin tone nude. Anywho, I have had these shoes for a while now it has come to that time where I have to let them go. See the little black tips on the bottom of the heels have broken off.  I don’t know when, how, or why this happened, but the little black tips are gone, and now I am stuck here reminiscing over what was, and what could have been.

I only own one pair of brown pumps, so it is hard for me to let go. I really want to take the shoes to go get fixed, but I wonder if that is a waste of money. Maybe, I could just use that money and go get a pair of brand new shoes.  I do love a pair of brand new shoes, however, I really like these shoes, and I had them for some time, so I know that I will not be able to find another shoe like them. Whhhhhy do the good shoes have to go so earlier?


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