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All Kors Everything

I created this for a Michael Kors contest on I spent waaaaay too much time on it to let it got to waste, so I decided to post it on my blog. It something neat, and simple that I would probably wear on a night out with my boyfriend.

Shimmer Sweater
$100 –
Michael Kors sweaters »

Sequin Tulle Skirt
$90 –
Mini sequin skirt »

Jewel Cascade Necklace
$9.80 –
Forever21 necklaces »

Michael Kors Holiday

Michael Kors

Grey Mac Body

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Follow Fashion trends with caution.

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine the other day, and she mentioned that she had a couple of pairs of brightly colored skinny jeans that she did not plan on wearing anymore.  I told her that I understood where she was coming from because if I were to see her in brightly colored skinny jeans this fall, then she would get the complete side eye from me (80% joking, 20% serious). She asked where she could wear these pants again and I told her at a 90’s party, maybe.  *Kanye shrugs *

This conversation is the foundation for today’s post. When it comes to trends I am extremely cautious about what I purchase from the store. I must admit the colorful skinny jean trend was cute, and I have seen some girls, and guys, pull this look off wonderfully. However, I knew that I was not in love with colorful skinny jeans, and if I were to purchase a pair I would only wear the jeans for this summer. Knowing this about myself, I decided to not partake in the colorful skinny jean trend.

When it comes to being a savvy consumer, you have to take the time to evaluate your personal taste.  Before you purchase the next latest trend take the time to think about whether or not you are going to wear this item next year or not. If you will, then buy it. If you will not, then bypass, or purchase that item for really, really, cheap.  I already know that I am going to be buying up high waisted jeans and shorts because I love that trend.  It is so 70’s chic and anything that can prevent muffin top is an ok with me, in addtion, I know that high waisted pants will be hard to come by once this trend fades.

Just because something is the latest trend that does not mean that you have to fill up your entire closet with that trend. Buy a few items and save your money on items that you are in love with because lets be honest, unless you are in the fashion industry, no one really cares about whether or not you are following the latest trends. Heck, majority of society are not even aware of what the latest trends are, so be you.

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I heart Monica Rose

Monica Rose is the personal stylist for Kim Kardashian.  I first heard of Monica Rose when I was watching one of my guilty pleasures, Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Her name was stuck in my memory base for about three weeks, and then it was pushed back to the “I know the answer. I heard it before, but I just can’t remember” section of my brain. I decided to google her recently because I was rummaging through, in my head, my favorite stylish celebs and Kim K. popped up. While I googling her, I started to remember all the reasons why I love her so much.

Photo Credit: Monica Rose

When I say that I love Kim Kardashian’s style, I am not talking about Kim K’s. red carpet style. I am talking about her everyday lets go shopping and do brunch style. Monica Rose has been able to style Kim K in a way that is trendy and, looks, comfortable. I fell more in love with Monica when I found out that she mix and matchs high-end pieces with more affordable pieces, from stores like Forever 21 and H&M. I almost did back flips when I heard that because it ensures me that Kim K’s style is somewhat obtainable. I hate shopping at Forever 21, but if I can come out looking like Monica Rose styled me, then I am all in. (I say that now)

If you want more info about Monica Rose and her inspirations, check out her blog at

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