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Stylist Spotlight: The Style Blogger



One of my biggest inspirations for Men’s style is Dan Trepanier, of The Style Blogger. I recently stumbled across his blog and I must say that I was missing out on life. On his blog, his looks range from effortless everyday to stand out, dressy corporate attire. Style Blogger does not just post pretty pictures on his blog, he goes into grave detail about what he is wearing and how you can pull it off. Shopping for my boyfriend has not been the same since I came across The Style Blogger. In 2009, he was named “Best Dressed Real Man in America,” by Esquire Magazine. I am a regular to his site, and when I am there I make sure that I have a pen and paper ready, so that I can take thorough notes.

“Having a good sense of style, in my opinion, is the ability to bring things together in an unexpected and original way, being creative with aspects such as fit, proportion, fabric, layering, accessories, etc. in order to create an image that is uniquely your own.” -Dan Trepanier via

Recently, he launched the Intro to his reality show on youtube.

If you are into Men’s Style blogs and you are not subscribed to The Style Blogger, then you are overlooking something great.

Who are your favorite Men’s Style Bloggers?


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