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Runway Must Have: Emilio Pucci Spring RTW 2011

I love a gorgeous dress, and I LIVE for cute boots. These dresses by Emilio Pucci deserves a suicide dip. Not just any dip, but a Mother Leiomy dips off the table suicide dip.

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What do you think of these dresses?


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Designer Spotlight: Roberto Cavalli

Italian designer Roberto Cavalli was born November 15, 1940, in Florence Italy; son of Giorgio and Marcella Cavalli. He was born during the era of Mussolini’s Italy and at the age of three the Nazi assassinated his father, a mine surveyor.  His grandfather Giuseppe Rossi was a member of the Macchiaioli group of painters in Italy. His grandfathers influence would lead Cavalli to enroll in The Florence Academy School of Art, in 1957.  During his time at this academy, Cavalli had discovered his passion for art and fashion.  During the 60’s Cavalli came up with an ideal that would change the way the fashion industry viewed leather.  “I had this idea to print on leather. I used glove skim from a French tannery, and when I started to print, I saw it was possible to make evening gowns in leather in pink-unbelievable.” –Roberto Cavalli in an interview with Evening Standard’s, via  This innovative technique for printing leather would be the launching point for Cavalli’s career.  In  1970, Cavalli debuted his first collection in Paris. His collection was well received by top designers and celebrities at that time.  Cavalli is known for his sexy dresses with plunging necklines and animal print. His dresses have been draped over the lovely bodies of Beyonce, Halle Berry, Paris Hilton, and Victoria Beckham. Roberto Cavalli’s companies include the following:

Roberto Cavalli- His premier couture line

Just Cavalli- An affordable brand, for some, that is sold in upscale department stores

Roberto Cavalli Class

Roberto Cavalli Angels- His kids line.

Cavalli has managed to stand the test of time and even in the company’s 40th anniversary, Cavalli, at the age of 69, has managed to maintain his status as the designer for the celebrities.


Laura Brown “Roberto Cavalli’s Fashion Circus.” Harper’s Bazaar June 2010: 184-186

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