The time to shop is now part 2

The follow up to my previous blog


I bought some basic tees for $2.99. When I first saw these shirts I did not like them. I did not like the little pocket in the front and I did not like the cuff sleeves, however, when the price of the shirts were reduced to $2.99 these shirts all of sudden became a must have. Once I saw that price I started to think of all the various ways I could wear them. In my opinion, these shirts are great for layering; in addition, I could wear the shirt, alone, and jazz it up with my brand new accessories.

Boyfriend Shorts

Yes people, YEEESSSSSSS!!! I finally, FINALLY bought a pair of boyfriend shorts. This is the only item that I did not buy on clearance because these shorts are popular. I made the decision to purchase the shorts when the company had one of their in-store sales (just because it was not on clearance, that does not mean that I spent regular sale price for the shorts). *Goes into investigator voice mode* The journey to get these shorts was tough and long. In my store there were only five pairs of shorts left and those shorts only came in two sizes. Tough cookies, but lucky for me I live five minutes away from another JcPenney store, so I ended up purchasing my shorts from that store. *ends investigator voice*  I am so happy because I really, really needed a pair of shorts. It is certified craziness to not have a pair of shorts in Florida.

From this past shopping experience I can honestly say that clearance shopping is the best shopping.

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