The time to shop is now!!!

OMG, it feels like it has been an eternity since I last posted an article.  The reality is it has only been two weeks since my last post, but in the blog world two weeks is more like two months. This particular article will be broken up in two parts because apparently I have a lot to say, so enjoy part 1.

While I was away I picked up some major goodies that I am so happy about.  Why am I so happy? Well, I got these items at ridiculously low prices. Like I addressed in a previous post, the time to go shopping is now. Retailers are getting rid of their spring inventory in order to make room for fall inventory. My email is cluttered with messages about on going sales and special clearance events, so go shopping…now!! All of the things that I am going to show you, I purchased from my workplace, JcPenney. They have great never-ending sales, but I always wait for items to go on clearance before I even consider purchasing it. I am sorry, but I refuse to purchase something at sale price when two to three weeks later it will be on clearance (if the item does not sell out first). Here is my list of goodies that I bought.


Rainbow of scarves

I was never really a scarf person. Living in Florida, I never saw the point in buying them. My whole outlook on scarves changed when I saw some cute springtime looks that incorporated the well-known winter accessory. So, I took my journey into scarf wearing very lightly. First, I bought one pink scarf because it was $3.77. The scarves were originally priced at $9.99 (Yes, $9.99 in the words of Chad Ochocinco “child please.”). Well, I bought the scarf and let it sit in my closet, still in the bag, for about two weeks. After the second week, I took the scarf, unraveled it and instantly fell in love.  It was so cute that I wore it when my boyfriend and I took a trip to Mcdonalds’ drive-thru and within the same week I went out and purchased every color they had.  At four bucks a scarf it was well worth the purchase.


I few months back I wrote a post about the importance of accessories and how accessories can jazz up any outfit. Weeeell, I needed to take my own advice because after that post I realized that I did not have any accessories. I had a few essentials, but nothing outstanding. I needed some statement pieces.

The process of buying necklaces was torture. I didn’t like the necklaces at Forever 21 and the necklaces at Express were too pricey, so I decided to buy my accessories from my job. Now do not get me wrong the accessories at Penneys is pricey as hell, but I decided to play the waiting game. I figured that if it was worth having, it was worth waiting for. So I waited and waited and waited and waited, and then finally the store marked down the prices of their accessories. I was so happy and scared at the same time.  I truly thought that the left behind pieces were going to be ugly  unappealing to me, but I was pleasantly surprised. I managed to purchase two gorgeous necklaces. One cost around $8 and the other was 8 or 12 dollars, I am not sure but I got them…

Stay tuned for part two of this post.


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