It is too hot for make-up

Happy with no make-up

I tried, I tried, and I tried some more. I tried to wear make-up during the summertime, but I just cannot do it. Where I live, the weather can easily get to a point where it feels like, and sometimes is, 100+ degrees. When I try to wear make-up during these time periods, I end up looking like a hot, glistening mess. The reason is 1) I have naturally oily skin, so the combination of heat, sweat, and already there oils equals mess and 2) the A/C in my car is broken, so I have no way of cooling my face and my make-up down (we just cruise down I-4 sweating bullets and foundations). The only foundation that I sort of felt good about wearing during the summer is Maybelline dream matte mousse. When I have this foundation on it barely feels like there is anything on my face. Some people have told me to try Bare Minerals. :O ¬†What…I have to buy new foundations. AAAHHHH!! I already have a collection sitting in my closet right now, and I have to buy some more just for the summertime. Others have told me to use a bronzer. Lets be honest, I do not know what a bronzer is or how it works. I bought a bronzer a few months ago and it is still sitting in my closet staring me down. I applied that bronzer on my face one time and I DID NOT see a difference (that can be more so contributed to me, than the product) Then there are those who tell you to use a tinted moisturizer. Oily skin+ any moisturizers= a shiny face; and I am not going to stop using my SPF moisturizer just so I can put on a tinted moisturizer; in addition, I do not trust any tinted moisturizer that says it has SPF in it. I think that I will just except the fact that make-up in the summertime is just not for me. Well, thank goodness for shades.

I wear my stunner glasses during daylight periods only.


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