What's in my closet?

This is a glimpse of my closet. The reason I am showing my closet is that I do not want viewer and/or readers to think that I have this large closet with tons and tons of clothes. I have an average closet and I have to work with what I can afford, like a lot of people. The way I feel about clothes is this: it is not the quantity of clothes that you have it is the quality; and if you can pull off both then more power to you. ┬áPersonally, I want to learn and teach people how to work with what they already have in their closet. Yes, I will buy clothes when I have extra money (who doesn’t), however, I will not be going on shopping sprees that will lead to haul videos. I DO NOT have that kind of money. When it comes to buying clothes I take my friends advice. She stated that I should just buy one piece when I get paid, and in no time I will have a closet full of clothes. Isn’t that great, affordable advice?:) Anyhoot, I hope that you will enjoy the video and realize that it is ok to not have that big walk-in closets with clothes as far as the eye can see. Just take your time and keep buying your pieces and one day you will have that dream closet.

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