Dash Store in Miami…WTF!

Editors Note: This will probably be the only celebrity post that you will read on this site that is not fashion or make-up related.

I am writing this blog post because the first episode of Kourtney and Khloe take Miami sort of hit home to me. I am not sure how “real” this reality show is, but I do watch it because the show is entertaining and I like Kourtney Kardashian. She is truly my favorite out of the three sisters. With that being said, what the hell happened to the Dash store in Miami? On the first episode that placed looked like hell in high water. This particularly hit home to me because I want to open my own boutique someday, and to see what happened to that store. That was truly an eye opener. If I do not learn anything else from the Kardashians, at least I learned this…I need to be very cautious about whom I hire as a store manager.  Like seriously, who is this store manager and why is she still employed? Now Kourtney does share some fault because she and/or her sisters should have been doing a couple of “creep ups” on the store. (I stole that phrase from Kimora Lee Simmons) Just doing that alone would have repaired and revitalized the store.

Now back to the store manager. Her resume` must have been the best resume` ever created because whatever was on that resume` did not translate into that store.  Here are my list of problems with the store manager:


How, please tell me, how do you let a stain, from where a person defecated, stay on the wall of the fitting room? That is nasty… very, very nasty. I am almost 100% positive that there is a Sherwin Williams in thelocal neighborhood. Paint over the stain and lets keep it movin’. To be frank, that may not be the last time  that occurs because I work in a department store and someone urinated in our fitting rooms, so get use to the fact that people are lazy, mean, nasty and rude.

The next thing still follows under no initiative.

Majority of the girls were either fired or quit, so instead of hiring new people she just sat there and tried to manage the store with only herself and one other girl. She is the freakin’ store manager… hire people. Yes, she is going to go through a lot of people in order to find that right match for the store, but there are good workers out there.  She needs to stop being lazy and recruit. It is too easy to just fallback into mundane store duties and not step up to the position and take charge.

Yes, we are still under no initiative.

How on earth did she not have inventory in the store? Why did that store look empty and why did a mannequin hand have a broken thumb? The whole point of a boutique is to sell clothes and if you do not have any clothes to sell, then what do you have? A space formerly known as a boutique. The place was empty and dirty. At least having clothes in the store would have covered some of the dirt and dust.


She is working under the Kardashians’ Empire and she cannot keep customers in the store. I guess she cannot keep customers because they do not have any clothes, the place is dirty, and the store manager allows poo stains on the wall.

Seriously, if I were that store manager, I would have asked the producers to blur out my face because that was unbelievably sad.  She didn’t think to ask for help at some point.  That store is a reflection of herself and the Kardashians, and she did not even try to maintain the store at an upscale level.  If Kourtney does not change things, then we are going to have a season three with the same scenario.

This post turned out be longer than I thought it would be. What is your take on the Dash store in Miami? Does the store manager really suck or did they do this for tv? Have you ever visited the store? If so, what were your first impressions of the store?


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  1. #1 by A.N.A on June 14, 2010 - 4:12 pm

    This blog is very intresting I didn’t even know the Kardahians had there on store better yet clothing line this sounds rediclous all three of the sister are fashion icons an hearing about this store it makes you think are they really that fabolous or is te make up an clothin there cover up. I’m pretty young 25 yrs old an to me hygiene is everything if you have bad hygien usually you ouse is nasty an so on but I’m not sayin there tis way cause personally I dnt kno them an money can take you a long way with a lot of things hair make up. Cleaning services an so on. But with that being said why is this store such a diaster I mean jus readin your blog it. Make me wnt to check this store out hopefully when that time comes the store is in better shape…UM, did the KARDASHIANS Know this is a reflection of them..O Chyle This Sounds like a Messey Mess.Mr.Clean to the Rescue Please

    • #2 by Shana on June 14, 2010 - 4:25 pm

      At the ending of the episode, Kourtney managed to clean things up. Is the store the same as she left? I do not know, but I do want to go see. Their store in Calabasas is off the chain, so I heard; and that could be due to the fact that they live there and they can regularly check up on the store. They just need to tighten up in Miami.

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