The rules of engagement for tights, leggings, and jeggings

As I see it, leggings are going to be in for a while. I honestly cannot complain because wearing a nice pair of leggings really does beat the heck out wearing some skinny jeans; especially if you have my body shape. Personally, the person who invited skinny jeans can go straight to…anyhoot needless to say, skinny jeans are not my best friends. While leggings are comfortable and trendy, we fashionistas, or in my case fashionista wannabe, need to watch out for some common mistakes made while wearing them. Shout out to my SISTUH because her facebook status was a big inspiration for this post.

Confusing tights for leggings

Tights are a lot sheerer than leggings, so if you decide to wear tights with a tee shirt that barely covers your butt, then all I can say is… I see England, I see France, I see *insert name here * underpants.  If you want to keep your private parts, private, then I highly suggest that you only wear tights with articles clothing that come down to your knees or below.

Wearing leggings or tights with short shirts

AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! Seriously, NOOOO!!!!!! Especially, when wearing jeggings. Jeggings are supposed to look like jeans, well guess what… it does not look like a pair of jeans if I can see the elastic around the waist.  Yes, there are exceptions to the rule, however, those exceptions are far and few between.  Please lets keep the shirts at least at the mid hip area, preferably.

Wearing jeggings when it is hot

I learned this lesson the hard way. Mabye it is just my jeggings…I do not know, but I will throw this word of caution out there anyway. “Jeggings will burn a hole in your leg when the Sun shines down on them.” I wore a pair of jeggings out on one of those cold/hot days. Basically one of those days when it is cold in the morning, yet hot in the afternoon. Needless to say, the leggings only lasted for thirty minutes once the heat was at its peak.  I do know what jeggings are made of, but I do know that they are not heat friendly.

I do not want this post to get too long, so I will end it here.

What are your personal rules for wearing tights, leggings, and jeggings? Have you encountered any offenders that I mentioned above?

  1. #1 by concerned male on June 5, 2010 - 9:01 pm

    this is an interesting article. I think something that should be discussed is an imposed size restriction on those who wear these leggings/tights/etc.

    I enjoy seeing the curves that are accentuated by these “pants” Hell, I even get a kick out of seeing the underwear ladies wear with them (no pervert)


    I think a line should be drawn… somewhere.

    • #2 by Shana on June 5, 2010 - 9:07 pm

      “No pervert.”

      iDied. IMO, I guess leggings are like anything else. You have to wear the right size and you have to make sure that they work for you. I have seen some no-nos on women of all sizes. For example, the white leggings, with the white underwear, and the short shirt above the waist.

  2. #3 by Boss on June 5, 2010 - 9:43 pm

    Man, just put on something nice for YOUR BODY and there is no problem…and leggins are easy to take off when it is the right time to bet that the neighbors’ know my name. BOSS

    • #4 by Shana on June 5, 2010 - 9:47 pm

      *Dead *

  3. #5 by Becky on July 2, 2010 - 8:03 am

    I love this article! Everything you’ve said is so true!

    (p.s. I found you in the IFB links a la mode group!)

    • #6 by Shana on July 2, 2010 - 8:20 am

      Thank you, I am glad you enjoyed it. I must admit out of all the articles so far, I had the most fun writing this one.

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