Noticeable Spring/Summer trends of 2010

Roman sandals

Yes folks, the gladiator shoe is still a big trend. I, personally, like the shoes, however I will not spend over $25.00 for them. I am sorry; but unless it is a classic shoe, something that is timeless, please expect me to only spend less than $50 for the shoe.


Wedge are back. *Goes to living to do back flips * I loved wedges when I was younger and now they are back. Geesh, I wish I would have held on to my khaki colored wedges because not only are wedges back but neutral color shoes are hot for spring as well.

Me and my Boyfriend

Boyfriend blazers, boyfriend jeans, and boyfriend shorts.  Ladies, if you already haven’t, start raiding your boyfriend or brothers closets. Look for anything that they cannot wear and you can tailor.  I like this trend because the boyfriend cut is normally big and comfy, yet it still fits in the right places. This style is definitely giving my skinny jeans a run for their money, especially in this hot weather. Those skinny jeans are torture when heat from the sun gets to them.

Rompers and Jumpsuits

Yes, they’re baaaaccck! I would have never guessed that the jumpsuit would have made a comeback. I prefer the romper, especially combined with a Boyfriend Blazer. 🙂

These are the noticeable trends, to me, for Spring/Summer of 2010.

What are the trends that you noticed for Spring/Summer of 2010? Are there any trends that you wish would make a comeback?

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