I am not a size two, so get over it!

The title is pretty self- explanatory. I have come across a few blog articles about women and weight, funny how men do not have this issue, but I digress…the articles themselves are very informative, sometimes; and it’s not even the articles I have a problem with. The problem that I have is when those commenting disguise their self-loathing as constructive criticism

“I have nothing against obese people, I just cannot support an unhealthy lifestyle.” Who is asking for your support?

“Precious is too fat.” First off her name is not Precious, it is Gabourey Sidibe. Second, why do you care? Third, why every time a discussion of weight comes up, someone has to mention Gabourey Sidibe. Seriously, get a life and get a clue.

“There is no way that you can be obese and happy.” STFU.  This statement clearly shows that the person commenting has body issues and since they are not happy, no else can possibly be happy.

“Fat people are lazy.” How did you come to that conclusion? Even if an overweight person spends 36 hours of their day working or doing something productive for their community, they are still considered lazy because they do not go to a gym. O_o

If you want a healthy America, then lets start by placing pressure on restaurants and what they put in our food. Lets start by changing some of these school lunch programs. Lets start by forcing restaurants into serving healthy reasonable portion size. Sitting on your butt and calling people fat is doing nothing and it is only a reflection of how you feel about yourself.  I am all for a healthy America, however, I am not going to judge anyone because they appear to be overweight

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