Sales, Clearance, Off-price retailers Oh My!

The only thing better then buying something on sale is buying something on clearance with an additional in store sales promotion. Department stores are basically giving clothes away and people are not paying attention. The clearance rack IS your best friend when it comes to shopping. I found a pair of Vigoss Jeans for $4.97 in a department store. Let me repeat that, “I found a pair of Vigoss Jeans for $4.97 in a department store.” What is so great about Vigoss jeans? Well it is pretty simple, Vigoss jeans fit my curves: Ok, they have not hit the mark exactly but they are really, really close and I can appreciate a good pair of jeans that come close to fitting my curves. Enough about the jeans, lets talk about the prices because there were other jeans from various brands in the store that were on clearance from anywhere from $13.30- $3.97. Now, I must admit that shopping through the clearance section of a department store can be frustrating, however, it is so worth the time and effort once you have found something, in your size, and only for a few dollars; in addition, thhe store is having an in-store promotion: they are offering $10 off any purchase over $30. Oh the savings, savings, savings.  The best way that you can stay on top of the savings is by signing up for your favorite store email list. You will be surprised on the number of sales stores have in one given month.

Off-price retailers are stores like Ross, TJ Maxx and DSW. These stores are my new best friends. You can buy high-end clothes and shoes at cheap prices. I found a pair of purple Steve Madden shoes for $20 in an off-price retailer. If you are low on funds, but still want to look like a million dollars I highly recommend shopping at off-price retail stores. Who else is going to know besides you?

Do you like shopping at off-price retailers? What was one of your greatest finds in a department store clearance section, or an off-price retailer?


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