Welcome to Anashay’s Story

What is Anashay’s story? Anashay’s story is actually my story. I want to open up my own clothing boutique. I pretty much have the business side on lock; however, it is the fashion and beauty side I have a struggle with.  I am going to be honest. I have trouble dressing fashionably and I definitely struggle in the creating my own style area.  I hate to shop…wait a minute. I love to have new clothes, but I hate the act of shopping. (Let me know if that made any sense because it sounded right in my head) I hate going to stores and looking through all the clothes trying to put pieces together, then I have to find my size and then I have to try it on.  AAAAHHHH! Just typing about it makes my head hurt.  With my ill feelings towards shopping and styling I had to ask myself “how on earth am I going to open a clothing boutique when 1) I hate to shop and 2) I am fashionably challenged? The answer I came up with was pretty simple.

I have made the decision to throw myself into the fashion/ beauty world. I am going to do research, play in my closet, play in my make-up, walk the malls, and “sing the songs that I like to sing” (Dave Chappelle as P. Diddy) and while I do all of those things; I will blog about my experience and findings. Hopefully my journey can help others who are just like me.

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